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Advanced engineering has resulted in exceptional range of motion and full adjustability for any size user. The multi-grip press arm system delivers deep and effective muscle interaction for chest, incline and shoulder press movements. No need to sit on the floor to perform rowing exercises with the G3S, simply grasp the mid row handles for an exhilarating mid and lower back workout that will increase flexibility, build strength and relieve lower back stress.

Switch between high, mid and low pulley exercises quickly and easily with the G3S no cable change design. Perform lat pull downs, triceps press downs, biceps curls, resistance abdominal crunches and dozens more exercises with the included cable attachments. The Leg Extension / Leg Curl Station is fully adjustable to comfortably fit any size user and features thick foam rollers for maximum comfort. Add the optional Leg Press / Calf Press station for the ultimate lower body workout with up to 420 lbs. of resistance.

Traditional press bar is biomechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development.
Lat pulldown station allows unlimited, full range of motion through unilateral, bilateral, converging or diverging movement.
Leg developer station features the SmoothGlide Bearing SystemTM with biomechanically accurate pivot point.
160 lb. (73kg) selectorized weight stack. Optional 210 lb. (95kg) weight stack available.
High-density, top grade DuraFirmTM pads with lumbar support provide ultimate comfort and prevent lower back strain.
Easy to use, space saving, no-cable-change design.
12-gauge mainframe construction assures maximum strength, function and durability.
Full-size exercise chart. Download a Pdf version of it here: G3S Gym Plaque Size: 6.84 mb
Telescoping, chrome plated, adjustable seat post for quick, smooth adjustment and proper body positioning.
Floor Space Dimensions: 80L x 47w x 84h
Live Working Area: 85L x 47w x 84h

Adjustable Press Arms

Lat Pulldown / High PulleyStation: Perform lat pull downs, triceps press downs, cable crossovers and many more high pulley exercises. Adjustable hold down pads stabilize your body for lifts beyond your body weight. Unique versatility allows you to increase the strength and endurance of your back muscles.
Ab Crunch / Mid Pulley Station: Develop awesome abs and terrific triceps quickly at this strength training station. Biomechanically engineered for smooth, comfortable, full range of motion crunching movement. Specifically designed for firming, flattening and isolating the entire abdominal area.
Leg Extension / Leg Curl Station: When you' re ready to build muscular legs and stronger knee joints, this leg developer is ready to help you meet your goals. Biomechanically accurate pivot point ensures ergonomically correct body positioning for natural and complete hamstring and leg biceps development.
Chest Press / Mid Row Station: Biomechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development. Comfortable, multi-position handgrips focus on distinct areas of the chest and triceps. Adjustable seat height assures you of a perfect fit. Flip the handles backwards and turn it into a mid-row station to blast your back.
Seated Row / Low Pulley Station: Essential for well-developed backs, seated row exercises build depth in the middle back and train the hard to reach lower lats. Low pulley swivels smoothly and fully to provide accurate resistance for cable curls, upright rows, shrugs, leg abduction, leg adduction and much more.

Powered by a 160 Lb. AlloyWeight Stack: Advanced alloy weight stack plates are machine drilled to exact specifications and employ stateof- the-art nylon bushings for super smooth and quiet operation.

Assembled Weight: 339lb / 153.77kg

Assembled Dimensions: Length Width Height
80.00in / 2,032.00mm 47.00in / 1,193.80mm 84.00in/2,133.60mm

Package Dimensions: Length Width Height
78.74in / 2,000.00mm 16.54in / 420.12mm 6.89in / 175.01mm
Volume Gross Weight
5.19 ft3 / 0.15 m3 100.10lb / 45.41kg

Package 2 Dimensions: Length Width Height
27.56in / 700.02mm 27.56in / 700.02mm 8.66in / 219.96mm
Volume Gross Weight
3.81 ft3 / 0.11 m3 53.00lb / 24.04kg

Package 3 Dimensions: Length Width Height
42.52in / 1,080.01mm 30.71in / 780.03mm 4.72in / 119.89mm
Volume Gross Weight
3.57 ft3 / 0.10 m3 52.80lb / 23.95kg

BODY-SOLID warrants the In-Home Warranty as follows:
LIFETIME: Frame & Welds
LIFETIME: Pulleys, Bushings, Bearings, Hardware, Plates, Guide Rods
LIFETIME: Cables, Upholstery, Grips (Normal Wear)

GLP G Series Leg Press Attachment
Leg press attachment for Body-Solid home gyms.
GIOT G Series Inner and Outer Thigh Attachment
Inner and outer thigh machine for the Body-Solid G Series home gyms.
SP50 50lb. Selectorized Weight Stack Upgrade
Add 50lbs. to your stack
GLP G Series Leg Press Attachment
Leg press attachment for Body-Solid home gyms.
GAP3 Aluminum Pulley Upgrade - G3S Gym
Smoother, stronger, sleeker, and guaranteed to add a touch of class to your gym

Total Body
Bench Press
Pull Over
Upright Row
Deltoid Raise
Shoulder Press
Wide Grip Front Lat Pulldown
Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown
Bent Over Row
Seated Row
Shoulder Shrug
Ab Crunch
Oblique Bend
Biceps Curl (standing)
Tricep Press Down
Tricep Extension
Tricep Kickback
Leg Extension
Glute Kick
Standing Leg Curl
Outer Thigh Abduction
Inner Thigh Adduction
Reverse Fly

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