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Fitness Equipment Tune Up Packages

Preventative Maintenance

We pride ourselves in offering high quality in-store and in-home fitness service. Please call your nearest Bert's location to set up an appointment. You can also email us or send a direct text message to any of our store phone numbers.

Treadmill Tune-Up

$125.00 - In Store

$225.00 - In Home

- Take the cover off to clean/vacuum the motor compartment

- Wipe down the whole unit

- Tension the walking belt

- Check/inspect the drive belt

- Lubricate deck surface

- Thorough run through of the treadmill operations (electronics/programs) +

Elliptical Tune-Up

$125.00 - In Store

$225.00 - In Home

-  Check/inspect all pivot points

-  Lubricate as needed

-  Lubricate guide rails as needed

-  Thorough run through of the elliptical operations (electronics/programs) +

- Wipe down the whole unit

- Inspect all bolts

Airdyne Tune-Up

$125.00 - In Store

$225.00 - In Home

- Wipe down the whole unit

- Tension the chains/belt

- Inspect/tension all bushings and pivot points

- Check/tighten all wedge pins as needed

- Lubricate the chain

- Check head for operation (add batteries if needed)

- Check pedals for tightness

Airdyne Overhaul

$150.00 - In Store

$250.00 - In Home

Call your nearest Bert's location for more information about our Airdyne Overhaul.

*Any additional repairs may incur parts and/or labor charges. Our Service Writer will contact you if any additional charges incur.

+We are unable to repair software or firmware issues. If you are experience any issues with the programs or any connectivity issues, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Equipment Moving


Cardio | $249.99

Gym | $499.99

New Address within 25 miles

Cardio | $374.99

Gym | $625.99

$50.00 per additional unit

Fitness Equipment Removal

$50.00 - Upright/Recumbent Stationary Bikes

$89.00 - Treadmills~ and Ellipticals

~Certain pieces of equipment cannot be removed by Bert's. This is determined by the weight/size of the equipment as well as the time required to disassemble/remove/discard of the equipment.

Service Call and Delivery

Fitness Repairs


$99.00 first 15 minutes

$99.00 per additional hour


$109.00 first 15 minutes

$109.00 per additional hour

Fitness Delivery (Every 25 Miles)

$99.00 Fitness Equipment

$130.00 Large Treadmills

$209.00 Gym Delivery/Setup

Bicycle Pick Up/Delivery

$55.00 Pick Up/Delivery Each Way