GoFit Ultimate Core Stability Ball (600 lb rating) - 75cm

GoFit Ultimate Core Stability Ball (600 lb rating) - 75cm
75cm Ball is Green
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Reduce Fatigue and Tone Your Body
Having a strong core will influence your overall fitness performance more than any other muscle group. The core, or trunk, of your body is your center of gravity. Strong core muscles like your abdominal, back and pelvis will allow you to keep the ideal alignment for whatever you’re doing (losing weight, running, biking or even walking), and this in turn will reduce your fatigue and tone your body. GoFit has a series of products designed specifically for core muscle workouts.

Product Details

The GoFit Ultimate Core Stability Ball is a fun, yet challenging way to stretch, tone and tighten your body. What makes the GoFit Core Stability Ball so challenging? Unlike training on a stable, flat surface, the ball is a round, unstable surface, so you not only train the primary muscle groups, but also the smaller stabilizing muscles as well. The stabilizing muscles are small, yet very important muscle groups primarily used for balance, alignment and posture.

The ball total body workout is very efficient, allowing you to see the results you want in a much quicker period of time. Combine the ball workout with the GoFit cardio vascular jump rope program and resistance tube training and you have a complete workout that can be done anywhere, anytime, and at a very affordable price.

As a general rule, the exercise ball should be large enough so that when you sit on it, your knees bend at a 90 degree angle. The 55cm ball is recommended for most people height 5' to 5'5" tall.

Suggested weight limit of 600lb.

The stability ball is recommended for persons who wish to combine light weight training with their stability ball workout.

Comes with ball pump, 2 ball plugs and an easy to follow exercise sampler. Also includes a 25-minute Linda Leene stability ball workout DVD.

GoFit Stability balls are made of PVC plastic and contain no Latex.