GoFit Ultimate 4ft PowerTube with Training DVD - Green/15lb

GoFit Ultimate 4ft PowerTube with Training DVD - Green/15lb
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Reduce Fatigue and Tone Your Body
Having a strong core will influence your overall fitness performance more than any other muscle group. The core, or trunk, of your body is your center of gravity. Strong core muscles like your abdominal, back and pelvis will allow you to keep the ideal alignment for whatever you’re doing (losing weight, running, biking or even walking), and this in turn will reduce your fatigue and tone your body. GoFit has a series of products designed specifically for core muscle workouts.

Product Details
The new Ultimate Power Tubes are an ideal workout tool that can be used for both strength training and rehabilitation.

The Ultimate Power Tubes will allow you to train at home or on the road, wherever you are you can achieve an ultimate workout with our Power Tubes.

Included is one 4ft. Power tube with 2 molded PVC handles with foam padding for added comfort, one door anchor, an exercise sampler and a Core Performance training DVD led by Mark Verstegen.

The Ultimate Power Tubes are weight rated and come in 5, 10, 15 & 20lbs of resistance.