GoFit Medium Resistance Grips

GoFit Medium Resistance Grips
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Products for Your Training Program
Whether you just started building a training routine or are looking for products to fine tune your existing program, you'll find GoFit offers products for all types of workout activities including aerobic, strength, weight loss and yoga.

Product Details
The GoFit Medium Resistance Hand Grips are an excellent way to build hand and forearm strength. It is also an excellent tool for stress management. The heavy-duty steel spring provides medium resistance for consistent pressure every time you squeeze the contoured handles.

Exercise has long been known as a tremendous remedy for reducing and controlling stress. And the GoFit Hand Grips are a very convenient and easy tool to compliment your exercise program. It can be used virtually anywhere (Car, office, home, etc.) The other obvious benefits you gain from using the hand grips is increased forearm and hand strength, which will benefit you in almost any sport or work application.

For a more complete method of controlling stress, we recommend a total body exercise program combing both cardio and resistance training. Two excellent products for this are the GoFit Pro-Gym and Jump Ropes. The Pro-Gym combines three resistance tubes providing 9 levels of resistance. The Pro-Gym offers a complete upper and lower body workout, that can be used anywhere. Our GoFit jump ropes are the most compact, economical, and efficient cardio training equipment money can buy. When you find yourself not able to workout or in the middle of a stressful situation use your GoFit Hand Grips as an easy and convenient substitute.