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Standard Bike Fit

New Bike Fit (Standard) 

On Bike


Interview, Intake, Consultation

Medical History, Riding History, Discussion of Goals, Explanation of fees, Fitting form


New Bike on trainer

Determine proper frame size

Saddle Height Adjustment

Saddle Fore-Aft Adjustment

Reach adjustment (New stem charge if sale under $1500)

Drop adjustment (New stem charge if sale under $1500)

Handlebar Width and Style (New handlebar charge if sale under $1500)

Aerobar adjustment of reach, angle, and pad Width (If applicable a $20 charge on bikes under $1500)

Cleat Adjustment (charge $20)

Review of Process and Fitting Form

Explanation of Options




(Free if sale over $1500)



To schedule a fitting appointment or if you have

 questions please email



Things to bring with you for your fitting:

¨ Yourself

¨ Your Existing Bicycle, even if you plan on buying a new one

¨ Cycling or Casual Shorts

¨ Cycling Jersey or Tshirt

¨ Cycling Shoes or the Sneakers you ride in

¨ Orthotics if you use them when you ride

¨ If you use an odd pedal system, please bring them

¨ Any Medical Devices you might use when you ride