Labor Menu

Labor Menu*

Brake Services:

Install cable (each) $10

Install specialty cable (each) $12

Brake adjustment (each) $15

Brake pad install and adjust (each) $20

Install and adjust brake caliper $20

Adjust gyro brake $20

Disc brake rotor true $15

Install disc brake caliper (each) $25

Hydraulic brake bleed (each) $35

Drivetrain Services:

Drivetrain cleaning and lubrication (no adjustments) $30

Install cable (each) $10

Install specialty cable (each) $12

Install Chain $15

Install cassette/freewheel $15

Install crank arm $15

Install crank set $20, no bottom bracket

Bottom bracket overhaul $20

Adjust front dérailleur $20

Adjust rear dérailleur $20

Install front dérailleur $35

Install rear dérailleur $35

Install shifter- Flat handlebar $30, Drop handlebar $40

Fork/Headset Services:

Headset overhaul $30

Install rigid fork $50

Install and set up front suspension $50

Wheel Services:

Flat tire repair $12

Front wheel true/spoke replace $30

Rear wheel true/spoke replace $30

Front hub overhaul $30

Rear hub overhaul $35

3 speed hub overhaul $50

Wheel build $100

Misc. Tune-ups:

Single speed tune up $40

Tandem/recumbent basic tune up $85

Tandem/recumbent deluxe tune up $120

Tandem/recumbent pro tune up $175

Pro overhaul $275

Misc. Labor Services:

Box bike for shipping $75

Build bike - Call for prices

Install axle pegs (pair) $10 

Install baby seat $20

Install bar ends $15

Install bike rack $20

Install clipless cleats $10

Install computer $20

Install fenders $25

Install grips $10

Install juvenile training wheels $15, Adult $30

Install kickstand $10

Install pedals $10

Install seat/saddle $10

Tape handlebar $20

Wash bike (no adjustments) $30

*Labor rates do not include price of replacement parts.

Bicycle tubes are replaced, not repaired.

Bert's installs new parts and accessories, only.

Additional 25% labor charge for parts and/or accessories not purchased at Bert's Bikes & Fitness.