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A bike mechanic poses for a photo in the shop.

Comprehensive 30 Day Check-Up

Our service programs are some of the things that set us apart from our competition. We are an Industry Leader when it comes to service. One of the reasons for this is our Comprehensive 30 Day Check Up Program. This 30 Day Check Up is the most important service that you can have for your new bicycle. Your new bike has a break-in period. Roughly after 30 days, or if you ride every day perhaps sooner, you need to bring your bike in for it's first service. At this first service, a Bert's technician will re-adjust all cable systems as they now will have seated completely, re-torque all bolts, perform a minor wheel truing, lubricate your drivetrain, and fill your tires. Bring your new bike that you purchased from us into any of our locations anytime, without an appointment, and we will perform this service you need to keep your bike running smoothly, for free,  while you wait. This is just another reason to say:

"I Bought My Bike at Bert's"